"The law must secure the self-determination of older persons and persons with disabilities. That is why I took on the patronage of the 4th World Congress on Adult Guardianship."

Heiko Maas, German Federal Minister of Justice and for Consumer Protection

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"Self-determination and opportunities for participation are part of human existence – well into old age. Supporting another person in legal matters is a responsible task: legal support ensures that people, despite a disease or disability, can participate and exercise their rights."

Manuela Schwesig, German Federal Minister of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

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"Independence and autonomy are very important to me. I do not fear court-appointed legal representation (Betreuung). With an advance directive on Betreuung or an enduring power of attorney I am even able to help shape a challenging period of my life."

Dr. Andreas Jürgens, First Commissioner of the State Welfare Association Hesse

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"No one can be sure they will be spared from dementia throughout their lives. But even if I should be affected, I want my will, my rights, and my dignity to be respected. Court-appointed legal representation (Betreuung) or enduring power of attorney – so that I can live a self-determined life in spite of everything."

Thekla Carola Wied, actress

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