Plenum and Panels

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NEW: Decision of the German Constitutional Court of 26 July 2016 (1 BvL 8/1) on Coercive Medical Treatment




Panel 1: "Need of Support and Legal Capacity"
Cheolung Je, South Korea; Daniel Rosch, Switzerland; Moderator: Peter Winterstein, Germany

  • Presentation "Korea"  

Panel 2: "Support and Representation"
Gavin Davidson, Northern Ireland; Uwe Harm, Germany; Fumie Suga, Japan; Moderator: Benoît Eyraud, France

  • Presentation "Ireland"  
  • Presentation "Japan"  
  • Position Paper BGT – Betreuungsgerichtstag e.V. (German Association for BETREUUNG) 
    in French / en français  
  • Support and Representation (short version) Position Paper BGT – Betreuungsgerichtstag e. V. (German Association for BETREUUNG) 
    in French / en français 

Panel 3: "Enduring Power of Attorney/Representation Agreement"
Thomas Renner, Germany; Barbara Wurster, Germany; Joanne Taylor, Canada; Moderator: Helga Steen-Helms, Germany

  • Presentation "Canada"  

Panel 4: "Assessment of the Need of Support in Exercising Legal Capacity"
Malcolm Schyvens, Australia; Peter Schlaffer, Austria; Torbjörn Odlöw, Sweden; Moderator: Klaus Gölz, Germany

  • Text "Australia"  
  • Presentation "Australia"  

Panel 5: "The Role of Family Members in Exercising Legal Capacity"
Regina Aebi-Müller, Switzerland; Barbara Novak, Slovenia; Sieh-Chuen Huang, Taiwan; Moderator: Stephan Sigusch, Germany

Panel 6: "Qualification of Professional Appointed "Betreuer" (Court-appointed Legal Representatives)"
Hisashi Ohgaki, Japan; Pierre Bouttier, France; Thorsten Becker, Germany; Moderator: Uwe Harm, Germany

Panel 7: "Financial Exploitation and Supervision"
Daniel Koh, Singapore; Uwe Brucker, Germany; Moderator: Laura Watts, Canada

  • Presentation "Germany"  

Panel 8: "Deprivation of Liberty and Involuntary Medical Treatment"
Kees Blankmann, Netherlands; Anne Saris, Canada; Moderator: Tanja Henking, Germany

  • Presentation "Netherlands"  
  • Presentation "Canada"  
  • Presentation "Section 1906 BGB"  
  • Position paper by the State Coordination Agency established in accordance with article 33 of the CRPD
    "Forced hospitalization and involuntary treatment in the light of the CRPD"  

Panel 9: "Elder Care Abuse and Special Vulnerability"
Kirsten Ketscher, Denmark; M. Isolina Dabove, Argentina; Moderator: Julia Zinsmeister, Germany

  • Presentation  
  • Presentation "Argentina"  
  • Presentation "Denmark"  

Panel 10: "Local Networks, Counseling and Structures"
Robert Müller, Austria; Hiroshi Takahashi, Japan; Moderator: Stephan Sigusch, Germany

  • Text "Japan" 
  • Presentation "Japan"  

Panel 11: "Decision Makers in Formal Support"
Adrian Ward, Scotland; Moderator: Annette Loer, Germany

Panel 12: "Working as a Professional "Betreuer" (Court-appointed Legal Representative)"
Frank Johns, USA; Jürgen Thar, Germany; Moderator: Barbara Dannhäuser, Germany

Panel 13: "Associations for the Support and Protection of Vulnerable Adults"
Josef Thaler, Liechtenstein; Sybille Grebe, Yolande Erickson, USA; Roberta Rigamonti, Italy; Moderator: Jochen Exler-König, Germany

  • Presentation "Liechtenstein"  
  • Presentation "Italy"  
  • Country report "Italy"  

Panel 14: "Science and Research"
Denzil Lush, UK; Michael Ganner, Austria; In-hwan Park, Korea; Moderator: Makoto Arai, Japan

  • Presentation "Austria"