Invitation for Project Competition Submissions

Invitation as PDF

"Legal Protection of Adults with Particular Regard to Senior Citizens –
Academic Research and Best Practice Models" in a visual representation (poster)

The "aging society" poses new challenges to states and societies worldwide. How can older persons live a self-determined life and act autonomously and independently in legal matters? How can they be protected against exploitation and being determined by others? What are the requirements derived from fundamental and human rights, specifically the 2006 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities? In what ways can the Law for the Protection of Adults but also the social system and the health system contribute to this? How must these be developed and reformed?

In the international debate regarding the reform and further development of the legal protection of adults, insufficient attention has been paid to the needs and concerns of older persons. There is a significant need for scientific research dealing with the aforementioned questions with particular regard to senior citizens, as well as practice projects for their exemplary implementation.

The Organizing Committee of the World Congress, supported by the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth, would therefore like to promote scientific research and the development of best practice models for the legal protection of adults focusing on senior citizens by tendering a project competition.

We are looking for new and innovative approaches in research as well as practice projects that may provide vital impulses e for the further development of the legal protection of adults with particular regard to senior citizens. The projects should be field-tested and verifiably effective.

The ten winners of the project competition will be invited to take part in the World Congress free of charge (incl. accommodation, meals and travel expenses) and will be asked to present their respective projects visually on a poster at the World Congress.

Submissions can be made by researchers/scientists and practitioners from around the world who are concerned with the exploration and implementation of legal protection of adults for senior citizens.

Contestants are asked to present their project on a poster measuring 100x150 cm. It is also possible to create a poster with several images (a maximum of 12 individual images). Submissions must be sent in PDF format to the Organizing Committee ( The Organizing Committee will then have the PDFs printed. They will be available at the World Congress as roll-ups and can then be elucidated by the laureates.


Entry deadline is 1 June, 2016 at midnight (CET).


The selection of the prize winners will be conducted by the Organizing Committee with the support of the international advisory board of the World Congress. The winners will be announced in end-June 2016. This is not subject to legal recourse.